Dealer Highlights


2732 Pannu PIC

2732 Tipp City Gas and Food Mart

Sawaranjit Singh Pannu purchased the Tipp City site last August and is building a 3500 square ft c-store complete with food service and a beer cave. Construction has begun and will be finished in July. Mr. Pannu and company provide a friendly and efficient services and now with this new c-store in a great location will do awesome!





Sam Atassi – Store 2988

Sam Atassi owns and operates Site #2988 in Westmont, Illinois.  He has been a Shell dealer since 1993.  Sam runs a great auto care business and always scores incredibly high on MMP and White glove.  An interesting note about Sam is that he is a native of Syria and 3 of his direct relatives have served as president of Syria. We are very proud to have Sam as a Truenorth dealer!





Congratulations to Anisha Maze!!

Truenorth would like to send out a big congratulations to Anisha Maze for winning the Shell Service Champion Award, presenting her with the opportunity to visit Tokyo for a week. Anish is a cashier at our dealer locations in Ann Arbor, Michigan owned by Abraham and his daughter Rachele Ajrouch. She is a cashier who goes around the counter to help her customers and keeps the store looking topnotch. She puts 100% of herself in any task she undertakes. Hard work comes to her naturally and goes to show that it pays off well. Thank you Anisha for all that you do and your positive attitude!

Check out the Detroit local news coverage on Anisha:

Anisha in Tokyo! Team USA at the Gala Dinner

Anisha Tokyo






Atul Patel store 2413

True North would like to welcome Atul Patel to our family of Shell dealers. Atul was a Marathon dealer for ten years. His location is at the intersection of Rts. 82 & 44 in Mantua Ohio. Atul’s store has one of the largest selections of beer in the state of Ohio, a liquor store, and the best sub and wrap sandwiches in the area.






Gasper Gomez store 2060

Mr. Gomez recently celebrated his 40th anniversary at this location.  Mr. Gomez purchased the business in 1974 and has operated the store and auto care here ever since.  Mr. Gomez’s children held a Block Party celebration on June 21 to mark the occasion.   Highlights included vintage cars, City of Chicago Alderman Joe Moreno, live DJ, the Truenorth Hummer and an 8 piece mariachi band.  Hundreds of people came out to celebrate.  Mr. Gomez wants to thank everyone who made this a very special occasion.





My beautiful picture

Greg Subotnik store 2378

True North welcomes Greg Subotnik to our network of Shell dealers. Greg is the owner/operator of the Shell at 3907 Wheatley Rd. in Richfield. Prior to Shell he was a Sunoco dealer for 15 years.




2766 Pipeline

Jim Saleh store #2766

On February 4th,2014 we rebranded Jim Saleh’s now former Sunoco in West Carrollton, OH to Shell. This new Shell site is now positioned in nearly the front yard of the closed GM plant that was recently bought by Fuyao (auto parts producer from China) and will reopen in 2015 and a stone’s throw from a non-fuel Kroger site. New dispensers and Loyalty are in now and customers are very excited! Best of luck to Jim and crew.